Feb. 12th 2018 - CTV News 

CTV segment on Pet Friendly Family Day Getaways in Vancouver featuring our fantastic black and white stripe pet tent  (Video - CTV News)

Dec. 13th 2017 - Vancouver Company Producing Anxiety Fighting Play Tents For Children

"Domestic Objects, has made it easier for parents and children to ‘unplug’ from the digital world with their Play Tent Canopy" (Full Story - The Silo)


Aug. 11th 2017 - Vancouver Courier & North Shore News

Kiddie Christmas in August

"and domestic objects. Founded by mom-of-two Sarah Jagger, DO makes (and ships, worldwide) the most-adorable children's play tents with the simple goal of spurring imaginative play" (Full Story - Courier / NSNews)


Jul. 29th 2017 - Vita.ca

Roughing It, Kiddie Style

"TB-perfectly-H, my daughter gets worked up about a range of things. She is, after all, a typical toddler. But her reaction when she first saw the Domestic Objects teepee play tent her dad and I set up for her in the living room was pretty well off the excitement chart. Basically, her little mind was blown." (Full Story)

Jul. 8th 2017 - Vancouver Sun

The Home Front: Celebrating simplicity in kids' home design

"A desire to keep things simple, to create more space in the homes and on children’s calendars, and to motivate self-directed fun is what drives Vancouver design firms Domestic Objects and Abubilla Design." (Full Story)

Jun. 27th 2017 - Styling The Inside

10 Reasons why you need a Domestic Objects Play Tent for your child

"Last year I came across a gorgeous handmade tent on the Domestic Objects Instagram page. It was set up in a child’s playroom and I loved the way it looked!" (Full Story)


May 5th 2017 - Tori Spelling, Glamping with Liam

Liam's Glamping Birthday Party

"We also had a faux campfire from Domestic Objects set up in the tent. The boys loved their chic and cozy campground." 

Dec. 9th 2016 - She Works Abroad

Expat Sarah Jagger on Finding Her Calling in Southeast Asia

"I’m the Founder and CEO of Domestic Objects, a company focused on imaginative play for children." (Full Story)


Feb. 24th 2016 - Entrepreneur Magazine

How 8 Mompreneurs Succeeded at Small Business Without Sacrificing Family

"Sarah Jagger, founder of Domestic Objects, knows she can appeal her products (gorgeous, handmade play tents) to other parents, because they were originally made for her own kids." (Full Story)


Nov. 6th 2015 - e27.co

From Ordinary to Tech: How her e-craft store changed Sarah Jagger's life

"Not all digital nomads are single guys who travel the world to surf; Sarah Jagger of Domestic Objects shows you how she does it"  (Full Story)


July 15th 2015 - Mompreneur 360 Magazine

Sarah Jagger Domestic Objects

"As kids, we all loved playing with tents and today our kids are following in our footsteps using bed sheets, blankets and chairs to create their own living room tents. So when Mompreneur Sarah Jagger from Domestic Objects decided to create beautiful teepee play tents for children, she knew that kids from all walks of life were going to love them." (Full Story)


The Asian Parent

Sewing teepees like Jagger

"“She literally created a job, and then grew it into a business,” was how Stephen Jagger described the birth of Domestic Objects, started by his wife." (Full Story)

July 4th 2015 - VMV Hypoallergenics INSKIN Magazine

How About A Hypoallergenic Play Tent?

"Enter this great find: Domestic Objects, beautiful brainchild of (rather beautiful herself) Sarah Jagger, a friend of mine. I saw a few of her teepees online and thought, goodness they’re gorgeous." (Full Story)

Nov. 20th 2014 - VancouverMom.ca

Mom on the Street: Sarah Jagger in Dunbar

"She is the Mrs. Fix It of her household and can be found re tiling a bathroom, operating her miter saw and installing crown moulding. She has been sewing all her life and she recently launched her business, DomesticObjects.ca, where she sells adorable play tents and teepees." (Full Story)



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