10 Tips for a Successful Lemonade Stand

By: Sarah Jagger

A lemonade stand can be a great way for kids to learn about entrepreneurship, money management, and customer service. Here are 10 tips for a successful lemonade stand:

  1. Choose a Good Location: The location of your lemonade stand can have a big impact on its success. Look for a spot with high foot traffic, such as near a park, beach, or busy street corner.

  2. Create a Catchy Sign: Your sign should be eye-catching and easy to read. Use bright colors and large letters to grab people's attention.

  3. Make Delicious Lemonade: Use fresh lemons and high-quality ingredients to make your lemonade stand out from the competition. Consider adding unique flavors, such as raspberry or peach.

  4. Price it Right: Your prices should be competitive but also profitable. Research the prices of other lemonade stands in the area to get an idea of what people are willing to pay.

  5. Have a Good Pitch: Train your kids to be confident and friendly when talking to customers. Encourage them to explain why their lemonade is the best and how it's made.

  6. Offer Snacks: Consider offering cookies or other snacks to go with your lemonade. This can help attract more customers and increase your profits.

  7. Dress Up: Have your kids wear fun, themed outfits that match the theme of your lemonade stand. This can help make your stand more memorable and attract more customers.

  8. Advertise on Social Media: Use social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook to promote your lemonade stand. Share pictures of your stand and your delicious lemonade to generate buzz.

  9. Use a Cash Box: Make sure to keep track of all your sales and use a secure cash box to store your money. Teach your kids how to make change and handle cash.

  10. Have Fun: Above all, make sure to have fun with your lemonade stand! This can be a great opportunity for kids to learn about entrepreneurship and customer service while having a great time.

  11. BONUS - Get your child setup with a Square account so that when their customer inevitably says they don't have cash, your child can say they take cards. 

The Domestic Objects Market Stand is the perfect structure for your child's lemonade stand.  

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